Negotiate cash debt, how you should do

Renegotiating your debt can guarantee benefits, but it also has some consequences. Stay on top of things! Unforeseen events happen and, when we are not prepared for them, our financial life can suffer an unexpected blow. It is at a time like this that you need to evaluate renegotiating debt. Each institution may have a different way of dealing with this, but all have the same purpose: to find the best form of payment for you.

At Money Cream Credit, for example, you find a service specialized in this, in putting you in direct contact with who you owe. We will understand better about this modality, what are the benefits and implications of taking this attitude and see how to do it directly with one of the most traditional banks in the country: Lender Bank Econômica Federal.

Debt renegotiation

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There are two people in this account: the creditor, who is the one who has the right to receive the money from the debt, and the debtor, who is the one who has the obligation to pay it. Many people wonder when is the ideal time to seek a renegotiation, and the answer is from the first installment that you delay and realize that you will no longer be able to balance the accounts. Don’t let an account be delayed for months or years, mainly because there are some with serious consequences.

In secured loans, where you can refinance a vehicle or a property, default can make you lose those assets. Of course, debt is not always a bad thing, if you do it with planning and within your budget, it works more like an investment. But if it is done on impulsiveness it will hinder your income and then it will be time to give up some things to clear your name. That’s because the tendency is for the situation to get worse and for other debts to be incurred while you can’t pay the first one. With the intention of easing the interest that starts to accrue, we use the money destined for other smaller accounts and they are also late.

Benefits of renegotiating debt

money debt

  • lower interest rates, interest discounts and fines;
  • the debt stops growing;
  • debt installment payment;
  • opportunity to reorganize finances.

How to renegotiate debt at Lender Bank?

Lender Bank has a virtual environment in which you can consult your debts with loans, financing, credit cards and housing contracts, in addition to checking the alternatives available to regularize your situation.

The institution allows you to split your debt up to 96 times, with a minimum down payment of 10% of the debt and the remaining debt balance of up to $ 49 thousand, without collateral.

Step by step :

1. Access the system

Enter the Lender Bank website and look for the option Negotiate Debts. In the regularization system, inform the requested data to have access to the information related to your CPF.

2. Review your contracts

In this tab you will have access to all your contracts with Lender Bank and check those that are overdue. They may be renegotiated.

3. Settle your debt

After choosing the best conditions for you, just inform the preferred date for the payment of the first payment slip and the number of installments.

The ticket is generated on the spot and the next ones will be sent to your address. Don’t forget to check if the information is correct.

You in the Blue Campaign

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In 2019, Lender Bank tested a new commercial credit debt renegotiation program for individuals and companies that was a success, Você no Azul. Among the facilities are the settlement of debts with a delay of more than 360 days, with discounts that can reach 90% for cash settlement, according to the situation of the contracts and the type of credit operation.

Lender Bank also offered in commercial credit:

  • Possibility to unify overdue contracts and install the debt in up to 96 months
  • Pause the payment of up to an installment due or due
  • Make the debt renegotiation, with the possibility of extending the term.

For housing contracts:

  • Pay an entry and incorporate the remaining arrears
  • Make an agreement with an initial payment or use the FGTS balance to reduce the amount of 12 installments by up to 80%, including up to three arrears.

The Você no Azul campaign was announced until December 31, 2019, but the president of Lender Bank has already announced that the success of the action will be repeated in 2020. Look for information directly at your agency.

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