How to make a secured online loan

Difficulties happen to all of us and, many times, it is necessary to count on the help of financial institutions that bring several opportunities to get out of the crisis. One of the ways to get money fast and with less paperwork is through an online loan.

If you are one of those people who need a little help to recover your finances, how about knowing the types of loans on the market and what documents are needed? Read on and see more about how to take a secured loan online!

How does the online loan work?


Today, the internet has become one of the biggest partners of us all. In addition to being able to chat with someone on the other side of the world, we make invoice payments, transfers between accounts and even manage to apply for a loan online.

In the Brazilian market, we find several companies that offer the most varied types of financing with an online guarantee, always aiming at practicality and ease for its client. However, it is necessary to be careful and always look for suitable financial institutions.

In order not to fall into the hands of a fraudulent company, how about knowing what types of loans exist on the market, how does the online modality work, how can a simulation be done and how to send the documentation? See more!

Types of online loans

When choosing the type of credit that best fits your profile, you need to know what types exist. Therefore, we have selected for you the five categories of online loans that are available in the market. Check it out below!

Personal loan

This type of financing is requested from a financial institution or bank. Before the contract is signed and the money falls into the account, you must send the documentation to carry out an evaluation. This whole process can be done via the internet, but you must go to the institution and sign the contract to receive the money. Before signing the agreement, remember to check interest rates, which in many cases are quite high.

Payroll loan

This credit category is well known in the market, mainly because it is widely used among INSS pensioners. However, there are other users. Are they:

  • armed forces officers;
  • public workers;
  • private employees.

The payroll loan has its installments discounted directly on the sheet, that is, if the salary has dropped into the account, the installment amount will be debited. We must emphasize that there is a limit of up to 30% of the salary amount to be withdrawn on consignment.

The biggest advantage of this modality is that the interest is lower than that applied to a personal loan. However, for private employees, the interest rate applied will not be the same, after all, they do not have the same stability as other users.

Revolving loan

This type of online loan is linked to a credit card, and financial institutions typically offer a withdrawal amount – in other words, a loan. The amount falls into the account of the holder in a quick and practical way. The biggest drawback? The high-interest rates that accompany the standards charged on credit card bills. Be aware, as companies usually extend the payment term to the maximum, increasing the interest charged.

Car refinancing

Last but not least, we bring car refinancing, which has become one of the favorite loan categories for applicants who own a paid car. The advantage of this modality is that it can take a larger amount with a lower interest rate than most known loans. In return, your car will be sold to a financial institution.

How to make a loan online?


To get an online loan, you need to contact financial institutions, banks and bank correspondents on their official pages. So, make sure the page offers security for you and your data. It is worth mentioning that it is important to always carry out the action on a computer or cell phone owned by you, so avoid houses or shared work devices.

Remember, also, to check if it is on the official page and if there is a padlock next to the name, as it guarantees the security of the site. Another important tip is to look for the company’s reputation on review sites in order to find out what possible problems you may face.

Make a simulation

After choosing the company from which you will apply for the loan online, run a simulation with the amount you wish to receive as a credit. Stay tuned to see if the plots will fit within your budget when planning. At the time of the simulation, you will know how much interest you are paying and what the installments will pay. All of this is important to determine whether it is a good deal to get a loan online.

Send the documents

After being sure, it was time to send the documents to find out if it is possible to take the loan from such a financial institution. Remember that vehicle refinancing is one of the types that accept negatives as borrowers.

Wait for credit analysis


After sending, you will need to wait for the company’s response to your request. Good Finance seeks to respond to all requests within 48 working hours, making the action much more practical.

After your profile is approved, it’s time to sign the contract and get your money. Do not forget that, if your chosen online loan was vehicle refinancing, after the credit analysis, you will need to take your car to a partner company where the assessment will be carried out.

Now that you know the main types of online loans that are offered in the market, don’t forget to count on the experience and security of a company that brings the best rates and seeks to make your life easier. Good Finance guarantees confidentiality throughout the process, in addition to doing it with tranquility and transparency.

Looking for an online loan? Get in touch with our specialists to answer all your questions and have the necessary money with less bureaucracy and more ease.

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