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3 types of student loans

3 types of student loans

There are many types of grants and aid. Although, there are only three that stand out among them all: installment loans, fast loans and microcredits.

Installment credits

Installment loans are an excellent option. If you enter the installment credits section of Across Lender we will compare hundreds of real-time loans for you. Next, you will see a series of very interesting offers. You can choose a very varied economic amount, which ranges between 50 and 5,000 USD, to be returned after 5 days or at 3 years.

Of course, a great advantage of this type of loan is that you can choose to return the financial amount month by month. Youth credits have these facilities so you can combine work with studies. This way you will return little by little, in these comfortable installments, the loan enjoyed.

Quick loans

Quick loans are financial transactions that are made between the entity and the person who demands it, in a very simple and urgent way. If you need a master’s loan instantly, this is the best option. In just 24 hours or less, you can have up to 1,400 USD. Although, with the financial entities that work through Across Lender, you will have an advantage: some allow you to return the money for up to 4 months.

A great relief if you take into account that the majority of online entities that you will find want you to return the loan they enjoyed, within 30 days.


Microcredits are loans for university studies, ideal when it comes to a specific situation. For example, to face the payment of books or the first part of university tuition. If you know later that you are going to have a scholarship or a job, it may be the best option for your situation.

Therefore, as you can see, there is a different type of loan depending on the purpose for which the economic amount is needed. Think carefully why you need it. If you have to pay a lot of things: rent, books, furniture, clothes, bills, food. The best thing will be to opt for a term credit. If you are at the limit of the term to face the registration or title application, the best solution will be the quick loan. If it is a specific situation: the payment of some books, a rent, an enrollment. Choose microcredit.

At Across Lender we work to help you at all times, so we will always advise you on what is best for your personal situation.

What can be paid with student loans?

What can be paid with student loans?

Student loans are normally requested to pay for books, tuition, rent if studying in a city other than the one where the relatives live, or travel if they go every day. Although, they not only focus on the university, but also on compulsory education and high school. Here is what you can pay with student loans:

Installment credits for the degree

It is the credit that we describe in the previous section. It consists of a large financial amount, which allows to be paid in installments, with the objective of financing a large part of the university career and to continue with the studies.

Loans to study master and postgraduate

Once the degree is over, many people decide to extend their studies, by their own decision or by completing what they have already completed. So student loans become the perfect option to apply for credit instantly.

Foreign credits

Normally people who request this type of help want to live new experiences and explore other horizons. So credits for them become the ideal way to achieve their goal. Financial institutions help fulfill dreams easily.

Advantages of Student Loans

Advantages of Student Loans

As the name suggests, they are specially designed for people who want to study, so they have different conditions than other fast credits. Some people decide to go to banks for their help, although it is difficult for them to grant you a loan if you do not have a recurring income or financial stability. Through our comparator you can request the money you need regardless of whether you do not have a payroll right now.

You can apply for a credit now and look for a job later, to be able to return the amount you are going to enjoy every month. This way you won’t have to wait for your permission to take the next step. Here we present what are the main advantages of obtaining a university credit:

  • Wide variety when choosing. At the beginning of this article we mentioned the three different types of credits that you can request. In this way you will always choose the one that best suits your circumstances.
  • If you do not have government aid this is a great option. As long as you don’t get a job that you can combine with your studies, you won’t have to leave your career. You will have the support of the financial institution from the first moment to achieve that goal that you want to achieve so much.
  • Immediate response. In 15 minutes you will know if the financial institution approves the application for the loan you are requesting. Quick and easy, with some very easy steps to complete so you don’t have any inconvenience or bad experience.
  • You have up to 3 years to return the financial amount. Great flexibility is a standout feature in this type of fast cash.
  • Requirements and conditions appropriate to the circumstances of the student. Once you choose the loan or credit that best suits your situation, you will see how there are greater facilities than in any other type of loan.

Student loans become very affordable financing for everyone. They are the best alternative on the market, because the financial institutions that work with Across Lender want to support young people to achieve all the goals they set for themselves. They will be the drivers of the future, so it is important to invest in excellent training.


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